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By: Vea Haren B. Mayuga

As part of lifting up the school’s foremost advantage – the English Advantage, evenly associated to the school’s hallmark, OLCAns celebrated English Month with the theme, “Reconnect, Rekindle, Rediscover” last July 31.

The school officially launched the start of the celebration last July 2 as its outgoing ambassadors and ambassadresses showcased a prod number in their formal attires. They also left some speeches that persuade every OLCAn to utilize English as the medium for conversing. The school ensured the maximum use of the English language all throughout the month within the corners of the campus and even within the borders of the classroom. As a matter of fact, DEAR time, which stands for, Drop Everything and Read, was stressed out once more as to encourage every student to set out the value of reading.

This year’s event could never be contained enough without the selection of the new batch of Lords and Ladies. They were the outstanding students who excel most in English and were chosen to represent their class for the school’s very own English pageant. The main criteria for this area are the fluency and eloquence of a student in speaking using the English language. The contest was prepared for two levels in which the first was composed of students from grades 7-9, while the second was composed of students from grades 10-12. Each representative of the class underwent an elimination process that branched down to only one representative for the Lord and Lady for each year level who completed the final lists of contenders on the event. There were pre-pageant activities that preceded the contest for the finalists. Free speech was delivered by the candidates to further expound a given topic. Read aloud was presented to ECEd which was more of a story reading for kids, and book talk to higher grade levels, which promotes to make reading a hobby for leisure.

July 31, 2018, the big event finally approached wherein variously claimed winners of various areas were set to perform. The whole gymnasium was filled out with a crowd of people. The program started with a doxology led by select grade 10 students. An opening number paved the way for the initial step of the show by the performing arts group, the PAG for Senior High and HimigCaysasay. It was then followed by the welcome remarks given out by the Student Council President, Juliana Marie Evangelista. The program was even more enlivened by the huge voices that filtered out the show’s vigor, coming from the masters of ceremony, Lyka Josh Atienza and Carmela Buno and as well as the English teachers Mrs. Margarita Perez and Sir Armyr Encarnacion. The program was evenly heated up to vibrancy when the introduction of candidates finally started. They were dressed in their stunning attires that bloomed out in their ramp. It was followed by the presentation of winners in the Jingle Making Contest in grade 8 which are from St. Joseph, Campaign Ad from Grade 11 – St. Lawrence and oration done by Ma. Pauline Catubay from St. Lorenzo. Question and Answer portion immediately took after the first presentation wherein candidates from Level 1 were to pick an envelope from the basket and choose an image to interpret. Another presentation of winners came after the contest to break down the tension from the earlier portion. Presenters were the winners in declamation, John Genesis Dela Pana from grade 7 St. James, creative story telling done by Lloyd Louis Malabanan and JehoichiamYnoch De Leon from grade 7 St. Philip and song interpretation by Jhianne Alexis Marasigan from grade 9 – St. Mark. After such a breakthrough in the event, it immediately went up straight to the Q and A portion once more for level 2 Lords and Ladies. They shared out their different viewpoints regarding the current social issues. The portion ended up conventionally with mass’ applause as an advance form of greeting. Presentations of the winners from oral contests succeeded it once again. Spoken poetry was delivered out by Anna Mariella Caringal from Grade 12 – St. Uriel, speech choir was channeled out by Grade 9 – St. Patrick and a promotional video presented by Grade 11 students from St. Lawrence.

The outgoing set of Lords and ladies of English walked down for their final time as they turn over the crown to the newest English ambassadors and ambassadress for the fresh year ahead. They, as well, delivered their final speeches stinging a word into every OLCAn mind the vitality of holistic English Language.

Awarding of winners from different written and oral contests have taken place. A prod number rendered by the candidates has set a motion of thrill to the mass. Special awards were handed out to the candidates who shined out in pre-pageant activities. And finally, the moment which everyone yearned for arrived. The newest Lords and Ladies for this academic year have been declared. For level 1, it was truly a moment of victory for Hannah Kylee Miranda, Grade 7 – St. Philip, who claimed the title “Lady of English”, and Cyrus Mhigs Punzalan of Grade 8 – St. Lorenzo, hailed as the newest “Lord of English” for this academic year. Miranda also won special awards such as Best in Book Talk and Best in Read Aloud for level 1. Punzalan earned the Best in Free Speech award. Baby Mariela Kareel Miranda, Grade 8 – St. Lorenzo and Yuan Andrei Vergara Grade 7 – St. James won as the 1st runner ups. Vergara won special awards such as Best in Book Talk and Best in Read Aloud. Dianne Kirsten Barquilla and Jon Matthew Dinglasan, from grade 9 – St. Patrick were hailed as the 2nd runners up. Barquilla won the Best in Free Speech award.

For Level 2, victory was ultimately grabbed out by Kristine Angel Ginete, Grade 12 – St. Barachiel, who was crowned as the “Lady of English” and Neil Espino, Grade 11 – St. Marcellinus as the “Lord of English”. Espini was able to seize all the special awards such as Best in Free Speech, Best in Book Talk and Best in Read Aloud. Kristine gained the award of Best in Free Speech. Gwyneth Irish Encarncion and Roi Matthew Bautista from grade 10 – St. Thomas were hailed as 1st runners up. Encarnacion won special awards such as Best in Book Talk and Best in Read Aloud. Emmane Catherine Biscocho, grade 11 – St. Irenaeus and Klyde Aeron Gabrielle Leonor, grade 12 – St. Gabriel were named as 2nd runners up.

The program ended with short plays with varied themes that primarily centered on love. The plays, This is Not a Love Story and Hiraeth were auditioned for the Second Fast + Fresh Theater Festival held in International School Manila in Taguig. It is a theater-initiative from Australia which aims to provide values-oriented plays.

English Month has already ended but the growth of learning is still under progress as English as the medium for every movement of tongue is still reiterated by the school.

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