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by: Anna Mariella Caringal and Rachel Anne Laylo

February 22,2018- Our Lady of Caysasay Academy embarked this year's Family Day celebration with the theme: "Family is Love the OLCAn Way" at the school's campus grounds.

The event commenced with a Holy Mass at exactly 7 o'clock in the morning with the participation of the OLCAn families and grade 12 representatives as the main sponsors of the celebration. Subsequently, an opening program was led by Ms. Elsie Andal, Prime Speakers Club Moderator, to set up the mood among the audiences featuring different personalities as well as the awaited students' field demonstration. The competition encompassed Lower BEd and Upper BEd's dance performances inspired by various countries' cultural dances which was then reflected on their costumes and movements: South American dances for the Grade 7 students, Latin dances for the Grade 8 students, Asian dances for the Grade 9 dances and Modern Tribal African Dance for the Grade 10 students. Against 4 entries, Grade 10 brought home the bacon being the champion of the said competition.

Apart from the program, different food stalls and booths were also made available for the visitors on the two-day event. The booths were organized by the SC Officers, 10th graders, as well as the 12th graders, separated according to strand, letting it serve as their fund-raising activities. This includes the following: Gaming Booth by the Grade 10 students , Fishing and Face Painting Booth by the Grade 12-STEM Students, ABM's Carnival by the Grade 12-ABM Students, Minute to Win It Booth by the Grade 12-HUMSS student and SCinema by the Student Committee. Meanwhile, to keep the spice up, acrobatic performances and magic shows were also showcased to complete up the first day.

Riding the tide of excitement from the previous day’s activities, the second day of OLCA’s Family Day kicked off with a parade of cosplayers from different grade levels. The parade started at around 8 a.m. which was followed by the presentation of cosplayers. Afterwards, the cosplay show is then judged by a panel of judges and the hailed winner came from the Lower BEd Department. Consequently, the booths from the previous day were still present during the second day to keep the excitement and fun riling up and make the students together with their family and friends enjoy this event for them.

During the afternoon, the annual Bingo Social was held and SM Gift certificates worth a total of Php 50,000 were the prizes to be won. As the OLCA Gymnasium began to fill up with hopeful people, the Bingo Social commenced. The lucky bingo winners were parents, teachers and students. Immediately after the Bingo Social, the SHA Officers requested everyone inside the campus to leave as they begin to prepare the grounds for the concert at night. To ensure the security and safety of the concertgoers, they’ve hired 30 security guards to man the whole venue. Strict safety procedures were implemented starting from the entrance such as prohibiting everyone to bring backpacks and bottled drinks. With December Avenue leading the line up for this night’s concert, this year’s crowd was expected to be the biggest crowd that OLCA has ever had for concerts like this thus demanded this kin d of security.

The concert began with a set from the band of Grade 9 students followed by Ampersand, the band of Grade 12 students. At this point, the crowd are starting to go wild as excitement builds up. The next performers were local bands that played different kinds of music such as reggae, rock, and alternative music that truly made the crowd jumping with joy. A special performance by Venice Biscocho was also part of that night’s events. After these, the rave party that the millenials were all waiting for began with DJ X Factor spearheading the said party, along with Alex Bruce. The remixes of different popular songs that everybody knows lit up the venue and made the crowd go wild and crazy. As the night went deeper, more people filled up the venue and in that note, the moment that everyone was waiting for finally came. December Avenue showed up on the stage and the crowd screamed their hearts out of excitement. The said band played seven (7) songs which were all crowd-favorites that’s why the crowd was singing along to every song. What made it special is when the lead vocalist, Zel Bautista, requested everyone to turn on the flashlights of their phones and raise them which created a sea of floating lights. This was during their last song, Sa Ngalan ng Pag-ibig, the song that made them known in the music industry back in 2016. While everyone’s hearts were all filled with both joy and pain from the songs of December Avenue, the night seemed too young to end the party there which is why DJ X Factor came back for another set of party music.

This year’s Family Day showcased OLCAns’ different talents that raised the bar for the school’s reputation as well as the students. As an annual event of the school, the Family Day remains as one of the most awaited events. For now the question is, “Will next year’s Family Day top this year’s or will it create a new name for the school once again?”

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