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by: Regielyn Mae D. Ortiz

For the first time in the history of OLCA, the culmination activity for Buwan ng Wika was celebrated for three consecutive days. This year’s month-long celebration holds the theme of “Filipino: Wika ng Saliksik” or “Filipino: Language of Researching”. The whole OLCAn community celebrated this much awaited event from August 30 to 31 in the OLCA gymnasium, and a parade of Lakan and Paraluman was held on September 1. Tracing Filipino as the language of researching, Buwan ng Wika was celebrated with various competitions both written and oral, and the highlight of the event is the showcase of the lakan and paraluman.

Armed with talent in both oral and written competitions, the best out of the best of all students were deemed champions and was given the chance to perform on the 1st culminating day, August 30. They were awarded with certificates and medals as a recognition for their achievement.

There was also the teaser showcase of lakans and paralumans of different grade levels.

On the second day, August 31, the Lakan and Paraluman became the stars of the event. Ladies and gentlemen for each section in the junior high school department, and each strand for every level of the senior high school department, showcased their enormous costumes which is said to reflect the Filipinos’ diversity. They were awarded with a plaque of recognition that was given by the COO/Principal, Mrs. Virginia I. Estacio.

The high school students and teachers in OLCA wore different plain colored shirts on this day. It serves as an evidence of their active participation in the event and to represent the color of Philippine flag, the school said. Grades 7 and 8 wore blue shirts, for 9 and 10, yellow shirts, for 11 and 12, red shirts, and for teachers they wore white shirts.

“I am honored to be chosen as a Paraluman because for me that means that my classmates trust me that I can hold the title of someone with good character,” a statement from Katrina Ysabelle D. Baldoz, the Paraluman of 10-St. Thomas.

Riding fully decorated cars, the lakans and paralumans were all smiles and waves to the citizens and their supporters despite the heat of the sun. On that day, September 1,2018, they wore their diverse costumes which was worn on the second culminating day.

As a support for their respective lakans and paralumans, each sections and strands contributed a little amount of money and based on what they saw on the culminating day there were satisfied.

“I was very satisfied of what I saw in the event. I can see that the contributions that we gave for our lakan and paraluman really helped them and it yield success on the execution of Buwan ng Wika celebration. I also recommend that this type of long culminating activity be done again to give more emphasis to Filipino as our national Language,” Alyssa Joy V. Salazar, a grade 10 student, commented.

According to the audience who witnessed the culminating activity, the rated it as a success.

“The culminating activity was a success, you can see how the lakans and paralumans with their costumes, showed our deep nationality. Moreover, it is a good thing that the culminating activity was done for 3 consecutive days because all the components are present, and the event was properly organized,” a statement from Gwyneth Irish C. Encarnacion, a grade 10 student.

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