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By: Jhaera Mae Tordecilla

In celebration of the first week of school and as a welcoming event for the freshmen from both the junior and senior high school department, the grade 12 students held a simple acquaintance party at the school gymnasium last June 26. Headed by the student Committee president, Juliana Marie Evangelista, along with Isabelle Sanchez and the other student committee officers, they were able to prepare an event for the junior students which signifies their warmest welcoming and congratulations for coming this far.

The program started at one in the afternoon and began with the welcoming rites for the Grade 11 students wherein they were asked to go under every student of the same strand and gender while being welcomed by each of them. The Grade 7 students were then welcomed right after, wherein they were all given handshakes by their older brothers and sisters in the senior high school department while going inside of the gymnasium. Once the welcoming rites ended, an opening prayer was initiated by Ms. Joan Perez, a senior high school teacher, and a Christian song performed by the Ampersand, a grade 12 band.

The students were able to play two games that were able to break the ice between each year level, one is the “Shoeta The Late Ako!” wherein the students are to stand in front of a pair of shoes which belongs to one of the students who is playing and must move to the next shoe once they meet the criteria that the game masters say. The other game is the Jack and Coin wherein every student is to play rock-paper-scissors and the loser must give his 5-peso coin to the winner and the game continues on for the winner until one winner is able to receive a total sum of money from his wins.

After the games, an intermission number was performed by the Ampersand where they sang their own renditions of Mundo, Ilaw sa Daan and the likes, letting their audience sing along to popular songs. While the intermission is ongoing, the committee prepared the final activity, the registration of thumbs, for the students. It consisted of two cloths, one for the seventh graders and one for the senior high school students. As a sign of their final initiation as a member of the Upper Bed/Senior High School department, they dipped their thumbs in paint and marked a space of the cloth with their thumb. It symbolized the unity that is to come from all of them in the incoming school year. The grade 11 students were given tokens by their older brothers and sisters that came in the form of a pen, of which signifies their welcoming to another chapter of their lives.

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